Sunday, October 11, 2015

"Dermadew CALOE Lotion Review"

Hi Everyone!!

Every person who has a sensitive skin wants to have a skin that is easily maneagable without spending too much on it. Everyone neeeds a reliable lotion/thing that can be carried easily whole day and which protects their skin and does not have any adverse effects in the long run... Here i have come across a lotion which can be used on daily basis without worrying much whole day..

Price: 215 INR for 100ml

DermaDew Caloe Lotion


This lotion contains three main ingredients

Aloe Vera Gel 10% w/w
Light Liquid Paraffin 10% w/w
Calamine 8% w/w

The above said ingredients are the main and are in more quantity.. There are some other ingredients also who`s composition is
not mention / may be in very small quantity..

Manufactured by HeSa Pharmaceutica...


As mentioned in the ingredients list this lotion contains aloe vera and calamine as it main ingredients...
Aloe Vera moisturizes the skin and calamine balances the excess oil that is secreted...
This lotion is neither thick nor runny in consistency, it is pale pink in color and when applied on the face makes the face look fresh
and seems like you have applied foundation/ say make up ... BB cream kinda look...Wow!!!! Isn`t it.

People with oily skin its a must try.. It balances the oil on your face and keeps it fresh all day without making your skin dry..
You dont have to be bothered about looking oily..

Usually during acne treatment no doctor suggests any day cream which you could apply all day without being worried about breaking out again...
People are bothered what to apply whole day??? There are questions like will it break me out????
Will wearing a lotion whole day imbalance my skin and cause acne again?

The answer to all these questions is  "CALOE LOTION" from DERMADEW...
Its a must try. Totally harmless and will never cause to break out... Try it once and you will be back here commenting on this!!!!
Overall Rating: 

 I will give it 5/5 for effectively controlling my acne and controlling my oily skin and making me look very fresh all day... It a wonder lotion for working woman who need to look fresh all day...

Sunday, April 26, 2015

"Proanagen Hair Solution Review"

Hi Everyone!!!
Everyone has hair related problems once in a life time and sometimes this problem becomes a very big problem and bothers you a lot and gives you sleepless nights.
Same happened with me and i tried all the products available to stop hairfall and finally my doctor saved my life...
I want to share my experience and help others who have the same problem...
Let me review this product "Proanagen Solution" which is a hair treatment spray... Dont get me wrong but hair treatment sprays are the best and they are leave in all night....

Price: 675 INR

Proanagen Solution


Proanagen  hair spray was prescribed by my doctor a dermatologist..It is manufactured by Swiss Garnier Genexiaa Sciences South Sikkim... Marketed by "CURATIO"
Chennai... It comes in a bottle of 100ml with a pump applicator...Composition mentioned on pack is Diaminopyrimidine Oxide 1.5%w/v in Green Apple Skin extract base...
What is Diaminopyrimidine Oxide??? How will it help me?
Diaminopyrimidine Oxide(Kopexil) is a chemical compound... This compound was used to treat High Blood Pressure but caused a side effect ie "INCREASED HAIR GROWTH"
 Kopexil Diaminopyrimidine Oxide A fortifying hair growth active for hair care formulation ,
Clinically proven to be effective Strengthens hair from root to tip Promotes hair thickness Ceases hair loss Accelerates hair growth Reinforces hair anchoring..It
increases the volume of hair in the growth stage by working on the deep structure of the roots. It rejuvenates the hair roots so that healthy hair growth can persist. ...

My View:

I had severe hairfall and dandruff which was giving me sleepless nights... I was nearing baldness and everybody at home were worried with the amount of hairfall..
I started seeing patches on my scalp and that made me mad and use all sorts of herbal products which did not help at all..
Finally i rushed to my dermatologist who prescribed me "Proanagen Solution" which brought back my confidence and beauty,it is a spray to be used daily at nights only to scalp and massage gently,It is non sticky and alcohol free
 I must say Proanagen saved my life..
I was in depression due to my hairfall... Its a life saver and anyone who uses it will be amazed at the effect.. NOw i hardly see 4-5 strands on hair on the floor and that too only when i brush my hair..
I`snt that amazing in a months time?????... I have been using this since 2 months and its superb... It not only stopped hair-fall but i see my hair becoming thick and full of volume and also they have increased in length..
This is really a wonder solution and the best best best ever hair fall treatment.. Please guys give this a try and im sure you will come back to this blog to post a comment for sure..

Its a challenge!!!!

Overall Rating:
I give this product 5/5 for the wonderful product...

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Glyaha Koj Soap Review

Hi Everyone!!!
Today I would like to share my views about an amazing soap. Yes amazing...
Without saying much time let me begin..Read on to know more friends!!!

Price: 99 INR

Description/What this product claims:

The main ingredients list consists of Sodium palmate,sodium palm kemelate,fragrance,alpha lipoic acid,kojic acid,light liquid paraffin,titanium dioxide,Glyolic acid....The percentage of these ingredients used is not mentioned...

Now let us the what the ingredients do in this product...Kojic acid in this produc is a natural substance that can be found in fungi, such as mushrooms and rice malting. This acid has antibacterial and antifungal properties, but is used in skin creams mostly because of its skin lightening properties. It works by preventing the production of melanin, a skin pigment that can sometimes be responsible for the appearance of unsightly age spots. Melanin is a natural substance that gives color to our skin and is one of the main reasons behind skin discoloration. Kojic acid stops melanin production in the upper layers of the skin, resulting in a lighter looking skin on the top
Glycolic acid is part of the alpha hydroxy family of natural ingredients. Glycolic acid is used for acne treatments as well as anti-aging treatments.
Glycolic acid is derived from sugar cane and is essentially a fruit acid. It is applied to the skin and can be found in concentrations that range from very low (such as 3%) up to much higher concentrations used by dermatologists for in-office treatments.
Because glycolic acid is derived from sugar cane, it is considered a natural product and falls under the same classification as citric acid from citrus fruits like lemons and oranges.
People can use glycolic acid products for a variety of reasons relating to anti-aging รข€“ to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and to make the skin look smoother, tighter and younger looking overall. It is also used as an acne treatment...
Titanium Dioxide is mainly used in sunscreen and mainly in fairness soaps too..2 naturally occuring ingredients in this product are the safest and best to get desired complexion...

This product claims to make your skin visibly fair and soft... It is enriched  with virtue of skin brightening agents,softness of moisturizers and protection of antioxidants....

My View:

I cant tell you how happy i felt after using this soap.. I never thought a soap could give such a desired complexion and make it lighter after every use... In 15 days people could notice a significant change in skin and it looks amazingly fairer and even toned... It made skin look brighter, lighter, younger and glowing...
This soap can be used not only for face but as a bathing bar... Believe me you will see great results in few days....This soap is a winner!!!! Has given me  a new life especially this summer where all are scred of skin getting tanned... And more importantly it is very very effective in reducing acne and keeping it under control... What more???? One soap does it all........ So gals, friends give it a try.... And you will surely come back to comment, Its my challenge.....
So gals and guys ditch all the fairness creams and go for this... This is the best soap even to treat acne scars as well as treat acne... Coz it has glycolic acid which is used in acne treatments....Best soap.....

Overall Rating::

I give this amazing soap 5/5.. Its the cheapest and best soap available..

Saturday, March 7, 2015

"Nivea Body Lotion Hydra IQ Review"

Hi Everyone!!!

I am back with another product from Nivea... Its not only in winters that we need body lotion now its important to use it 365 days because of various reasons like pollution and frequent exposure to sun... It become necessary to protect our facial skin as well as our hands and legs which are exposed to such harsh conditions..Skin becomes dull and loses it glow when exposed to such conditions.. Let us see how Nivea Hydra IQ will score...Read on to know more....

Price: 210 INR for 200ml

Nivea Hydra IQ Body Lotion

 This body lotion promises long lasting smoothness deep moisture and long lasting feel.. Shown on the pack that it contains shea butter...Shea butter is a super moisturizer and is called skins best friend.. Vitamin A in shea butter has amazing healing properties and is widely used in many creams and lotion to treat various skin conditions like dryness, allergies etc...

Nivea body lotion promises 24 hrs + moisturization and contains some key ingredients like aqua, glycerin which is found in most of the body lotions, c15-19 alkane, cetearyl alcohol and some some ingredients....
Which promise 24hrs + moisture and smoothness....

Skin now a days gets easily affected by pollution and changing weather conditions...Skin not only needs moisture and care during winter but now you need to use body lotions on daily basis if you do not want to be bothered about it.....Hence it is suggested to use body lotions not only in winter but in other weather conditions also...

My View:

I must say Nivea is a reliable brand.... The product did exactly what it promised!. I noticed the difference from day 1 but did not want to come to conclusion so soon.. so took few months and really found it amazing and very effective and just loved the glow and smoothness it gives to my skin... I must say this is the best body lotion i have used till date and just loved the way it works on skin... It makes your skin glow and look youthful and young.. It provides very good moisture and you will love the way your skin feels.. Hydrates the skin and makes it attractive....
I love this body lotion and it has impressed me a lot... Wish to see more good products from this  amazing brand called "Nivea".. I would recommend this product to all skin types its really amazing lotion and must try

Overall Rating:

I would like to give 5/5 for this product...

Saturday, January 10, 2015

"Denz & Darc HairOil Review"

Hi Everyone!

Winters here! Dry skin, hair loss and dandruff are the issues it brings with it. Hair loss and dandruff are the problems faced by many apart from skin problems
Today i would like to share my experience about a product which promises to combat hair loss and give hair a denser and good pigmentation..
Prescribed by doc and is a hair oil enriched with nutrients and safe herbal colouring pigments. Here is a review of "DENZ AND DAR HAIROIL"
Read on...........

Price: 125 INR for 100ml

Denz & Darc Hair Oil


This oil has 7 most important ingredient not only to stop hair loss but also to help hair growth which makes it interesting. Let me tell you in brief about the ingredients
and how safe and useful these are for the well being of our crowning glory.
This oil a herb "Eclipta alba which is known as Kehraj" which offers a safe natural treatment to slow hair loss and accelerate hair growth.Kehraj, on the other hand, is all-natural
 and side-effect free. The herb is able to awaken hair follicles from their dormant state and prolong the amount of time they stay in the active, growing stage.
Kehraj not only rejuvenates damaged hair and scalp, but it has also been used as a black dye for coloring gray hair and inking tattoos.

Glycyrrhiza glabra is popularly known as Mulethi in India. It is know as Licorice across the globe.This effectice herb is used to cure patchy baldness ,
Roots are mixed with milk and saffron to make paste. This paste is applied on affected area at bed time on regular basis ..This is helpful in curing baldness
 and dandruff and excessive hair loss

Another important ingredient is Cynodon Dactylon known as durva grass or Bermuda grass Which also helps in curing dandruff and fights fungus or infection exixting on scalp.
Other ingredients are jasminum  grandiflorum ie Jasmine which is used as perfume also.. Used in hair oils to get rid of infection and promote scalp health.
This oil contains Sesamum indicum ie Sesame oil which is believed to to nourish damaged hair and scalp and gives hair radiance and good health. Regular use increases volume and thickness
and also darkens the hair..Makes hair soft, best for split hair dull and rough hair..

My Review:

All i would like to say is that this hair oil containts the best herbs which not only stop hair loss but also help in growth of hair.
So you dont have to find another hair oil specially for hair growth.. This one hair oil will solve all the hair related problems and can be said
as the one stop solution for all hair problems... I have noticed reduced hair loss in just 2 weeks. Have been using this hair oil for more than a month now
and i dont have to try any other product. If you have any hair issue you search ends here!!!

And the best part is, it does not have any side effects.. I use this oil twice daily as suggested by doc and wash hair twice with mild shampoo(i used scalpe for a month)..
And i use Triflow hair conditioner which is another best product for hair... I am very happy with the product as it is herbal and has no side effects and does it job well!

Give this product a try and you will be happy with it...

Overall rating:

I would give 4.5 out of 5 as i find it the best product and only constraint could be availability.. Found only in medical stores...

Monday, June 16, 2014

"Kumkumadi Tail/Oil By Vasu Herbals Review"

Hi Everybody!!

I was always curious how an oil can improve skin complexion and make it look young.. What fascinated me more is how it can work for oily skin???? Oil that can work for oily skin??? is this possible? Lets see how "Kumkumadi Tail/Oil By Vasu Herbals " works.....

Price: 180 INR for 50ml
Kumkumadi Tail/Oil By Vasu Herbals

Kumkumadi Tail/Oil By Vasu Herbals

Kumkumadi Tail/Oil By Vasu Herbals

Kumkumadi Tail/Oil By Vasu Herbals

What product claims:

Adds radiance to the skin Removes pimples, blemishes, scars and wrinkles Makes skin radiant and beautiful An Ayurvedic product, Kum Kumadi Tailam is extremely safe to use Whichever is your skin tone, Kum Kumadi Tailam makes it two shades lighter. For best results, apply Kum Kumadi Tailam every week continuously for 2-3 months. Vasu Kum Kumadi Tailam is so effective, that it will take you to the heights of popularity and success. Benefits: Lightens complexion, Makes skin fair, Reverses sun tan, Treats patchy skin Directions for use: Wash face. Pat dry. Gently massage the face with 10-15 drops of KumKumadi Tailam. Leave the application for 15 minute and rinse. For best results, leave the application overnight

My View:

Untill i read about Ayurvedic treatments i did not know how it works and the benefits, which is why it is widely accepted even outside our country and people have realized 
the benefits of such treatments...Especially people who are looking for safe treatments without any side effects, in such cases only Ayurveda comes to the rescue..
There are many products/cosmetics which have tall claims , some even live up to certain claims but not without some side effects. I never relized how an oil can help reduce acne scars, improve complexion and
provide proper balance to the skin and improve skin health.. 

Vasu herbals is a well know brand among doctors and since long time doctors especially dermatologists prescribe Vasu herbal Capsules, creams etc. 
One such  product if you have come across is the Acnovin Capsules and cream for Acne treatment.. 
Vasu herbals has come up with Kum Kumadi Tailam which has claims as mentioned above...

I had heard a lot about this oil and finally bought it from an Ayurvedic store 6 months back and since then have been using it.. Please note this oil should be used in very less 
quantity if your skin is oily till your skin adjusts to this oil..You can use 2-3 drops alternative nights for 1/2 weeks and later if your skin accepts it, you can use it daily.. 
Use it at night after washing your face and hands with warm water... This oil can be used by people of  any  skin types.

As claimed this oil makes skin look healthy, youthful but does not do much to improve skin complexion.
It did not reduce tough acne scars even after 3 months of continuous usage.. It may work for people with light acne scars.
It effectively reduces redness and also detans your skin effectively and makes your skin moisturized..
If you have suffered redness, tanning due to sun exposure, you must try this oil..
Do not overuse this oil with the hope of speedy improvement!!! Anything used too much only causes harm. It may make your skin very oily...
Rest most of the claims are true....


I rate this 3/5.... I suggest this oil for daily use for people who have suffered tanning and redness and damage due to sun exposure.. It helps reduce the bad effects and restores skin health and shine...

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

"Lakme 9 to 5 Flawless Creme Compact Review"

Hi Everybody!!

Market is flooded with so many cosmetic products and different types of foundation, sometimes its hard to decide what would work for you.. Lakme has introduced Creme Compact, yes!! The name confused me and i ended up buying this product... Well! I bought this almost a year ago and now i think its the right time to review this "Lakme 9 to 5 Flawless Creme Compact".

Price: 450 INR for 9g

Lakme 9 to 5 Flawless Creme Compact

Lakme 9 to 5 Flawless Creme Compact
Ingredients :

There is no ingredient list given by Lakme which is not good!!! Which is not acceptable actually.

What product claims:

A creme to powder finish compact that glides on silky smooth and blends effortlessly for an impeccable finished look that lasts the entire day..It is meant to last 9 to 5..

My view:

First of all i would say i bought this just out of confusion by the name creme compact.. Either they had to mention as Cream foundation or cake foundation.. It is not a dry compact powder but just a cake of cream foundation , bit thicker in consistency compared to liquid or normally used face foundations...

The packing is very pretty red onion peel color... Has an impressive mirror and sponge holder at the bottom...The sponge is of good quality but it itself consumes lot of the product!! I would prefer using my fingers for application instead of wasting so much product in the sponge.. Sponge is washable and good quality...The foundation does not have a strong smell and it does spread on the skin quite well.. You start applying foundation and it just transforms into compact powder that is the effect.. That is what is claimed and lives true to it... 

This foundation cake is available in 3 shades ie

  • Shell
  • Marble
  • Pearl
I bought the Marble shade which suits best for wheatish to light wheatish complexions.. Pearl is for fair skin and shell is for dark wheatish complexions..

I loved the creme consistency of this foundation cake which after applying gives powder compact effect..Though it is a cream consistency it does not work well and does not blend effectively...It leaves a white cast but don`t worry that does not last long... this definitely did not last even for 4 hrs in hot weather... It also looks very cakey after sometime making you look like a plastered person or as if you have applied some face pack.... Yuk!!!! It does not suit dry skin.. For normal skin it might suit but wont last for long time.. For oily skin it lasts hardly for 1 hr... Because it mixes with the oil and gives you washed and uneven complexion...Blending power is weak..You can carry it to office for a quick fix if there is such need as it is very travel friendly pack...But it is definitely not good for a whole day wear...
 May be Lakme was confused and confused us tooooooo.........

The ingredients list is missing which is a thing to worry as you do not know what are the chemicals used and whether they suit your skin or not... 


  1. Nice travel friendly pack
  2. Gives a dry compact powder finish
  3. Nice quality sponge
  4. Very impressive mirror
  1. Does not blend well
  2. Leave a white cast after application
  3. Does not glide smoothly on skin as claimed
  4. Too pricey
  5. Ingredients list not mentioned on pack.


I would rate this 2/5 for the confusion and the confused product and its effect.. I think this is a failure in this range of cosmetics.. 
You can share with me your experiences about this product by commenting.. Will be back soon with some more products in 9 to 5 range...There area better products, i would not buy this again.. Total waste of money