Sunday, October 11, 2015

"Dermadew CALOE Lotion Review"

Hi Everyone!!

Every person who has a sensitive skin wants to have a skin that is easily maneagable without spending too much on it. Everyone neeeds a reliable lotion/thing that can be carried easily whole day and which protects their skin and does not have any adverse effects in the long run... Here i have come across a lotion which can be used on daily basis without worrying much whole day..

Price: 215 INR for 100ml

DermaDew Caloe Lotion


This lotion contains three main ingredients

Aloe Vera Gel 10% w/w
Light Liquid Paraffin 10% w/w
Calamine 8% w/w

The above said ingredients are the main and are in more quantity.. There are some other ingredients also who`s composition is
not mention / may be in very small quantity..

Manufactured by HeSa Pharmaceutica...


As mentioned in the ingredients list this lotion contains aloe vera and calamine as it main ingredients...
Aloe Vera moisturizes the skin and calamine balances the excess oil that is secreted...
This lotion is neither thick nor runny in consistency, it is pale pink in color and when applied on the face makes the face look fresh
and seems like you have applied foundation/ say make up ... BB cream kinda look...Wow!!!! Isn`t it.

People with oily skin its a must try.. It balances the oil on your face and keeps it fresh all day without making your skin dry..
You dont have to be bothered about looking oily..

Usually during acne treatment no doctor suggests any day cream which you could apply all day without being worried about breaking out again...
People are bothered what to apply whole day??? There are questions like will it break me out????
Will wearing a lotion whole day imbalance my skin and cause acne again?

The answer to all these questions is  "CALOE LOTION" from DERMADEW...
Its a must try. Totally harmless and will never cause to break out... Try it once and you will be back here commenting on this!!!!
Overall Rating: 

 I will give it 5/5 for effectively controlling my acne and controlling my oily skin and making me look very fresh all day... It a wonder lotion for working woman who need to look fresh all day...

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