Sunday, December 8, 2013

"Maybelline Baby Lips Balm Review"

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Its winter and the season i hate most...Its bad for skin and hair... You need to do extra bit to see that you look good.. People who use lipsticks regularly know how important it is to keep your lips moisturized... Am i right ???? Everybody wants their lips to be pinkish and healthy and they do every bit to get them...Let me review the much advertised "Maybelline Baby Lips Balm" ...

Price: 150INR

Fashion Diary-Maybelline lip balm

What product claims:

Maybelline’s exclusive lip renew formula is enriched with SPF 20 that protects your lips from UV rays and keeps them soft and supple when you step out.Your lips feel reborn and soft and the moisture stays for the better part of 8 hours to ensure cushiony lips without having to reapply every few minutes.The unique formula protects your lips and moisturises them so they stay naturally soft and supple for 8 hours.

My view:

I have been hunting for  a product that would keep my lips moisturized for long time, i mean atleast for 5 hrs without having to re-apply...Since this product claims 8 hrs moisturizing, i had to give a try... It makes lips soft, exfoliates the lips (peels dead skin on lips) brings out tender skin... But the product does not do what it claims ie does not provide 8 hrs moisture... It did not even last 2 hrs and my lips were dry as usual and had to re-apply...If you do not go out it will work for you but not for working woman or woman who have to stay outdoors...
I think the sad thing about lip balms is you have to re-apply every 3 hrs...Otherwise this is a good product...

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