Sunday, June 1, 2014

"Dermadew Aloe Vera Cream Review"

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I am back with yet another review of a cream which was prescribed by my doc as i had very bad dry skin and redness.. All this was a side effect of using hard cleansers and acne treatment creams and soaps... I have oily skin but after using acne treatments creams my skin started to dry and become sensitive.. Many people who had the same problem may have been prescribed this cream. Today lets have a look at this so much talked about cream and how is scores on the skin...

Price: 143 INR for 50g

Dermadew Aloe Vera Cream

Dermadew Aloe Vera Cream


Purified water, Anhydrous Lanolin, Lanolin Alcohol, Stearic Acid, Sorbitol Solution, Propylene Glycol, Cetyl Alcohol, Triethanolamine, Dimethicone Fluid, Perfume, Methylene Parabens, Disodium EDTA, Propylyparaben...

Note: Methylparaben and Propylparaben are used as preservatives in cosmetics, and other products.. These are cheaper than other preservatives...
Parabens, man-made preservative chemicals, are used by manufacturers in a variety of domestic products, such as cosmetics, lotions and moisturizers, shampoo, shaving, and tanning products. Parabens are cost-effective and provide protection against micro-organisms for an extended period of time. While there are multiple types of parabens, methyl, propyl and butylparaben are the most frequently used in beauty products. In recent years, concern has increased as to their role in producing potentially serious health side effects.
In short

Parabens pose many health risks like premature aging, sun burns, also know to cause breast cancer, affect reproductive system, cause hormonal imbalance etc... If you go on reading and find in Google you will get to know how harmful these are....And how we are risking our lives because of our ignorance.....

What product claims:

Well product claims to moisturize the skin and provide right balance to make it look healthy.. Reduce acne scars...It has many ingredients as mentioned above.. Few beneficial and many that can cause serious problems

My View:

This cream was prescribed by my doctor.. I was curious to know more about the ingredients used in this cream and i had heard & read from many people that this cream can be used on baby`s skin!!!!!!!!!
So thought to check out and do some research....After a good research i was shocked how people are using this cream for babies???????? when it has 2 most dangerous parabens!!!!!!....
Though it makes the skin soft, it is not ideal for oily skin as it makes you breakout again if used daily on face.. Though it claims to reduce scars i did not find even a bit of improvement in my skin.. Rather it made my skin more oily causing breakouts... I was very disappointed with this cream.. I could not believe my doctor can make such mistake by prescribing such product.. This cream has parabens which cause hormonal imbalance.. people suffering from Acne Vulgaris know what causes this condition right!!! Yes hormonal imbalance..Are doctors making money by suggesting you wrong products and causing you to run to them again and again???? Think again, when there are answers to your question easily available why be so ignorant??? Check and use products which are prescribed to you... Doctors are no Gods....They too can make mistakes... It was not useful for me and i am scared of Parabens.....

  1. Makes your skin smooth
  2. Not pricey
  1. Not suitable for very oily skinned people
  2. Contains parabens which affect health badly

Hmm I give this product 1.5/5 for the smoothness it provides to the skin... I will not recommend it to people with Acne Vulgaris and severe acne conditions as it will act as trigger and cause more breakouts... I will not use it again.. I used it in the past for a month because of ignorance and kept guessing what caused me to breakout more??? I will not do this mistake and will stay away from this product.....

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