Saturday, May 31, 2014

"Victoria`s Secret Body Mist Secret Charm Review"

Hi Everybody!!

This is my second buy from Victoria`s Secret Body Mist collection.. The VS Body Mist Day Dream disappointed me a lot. Since i had purchased them together i was skeptical about this one. Let me review this and see whether it was a hit /miss... Here we go......

Price: 722 INR

Victoria`s Secret Body Mist Secret Charm
What product claims:

Fragrance Mist Honeysuckle and Jasmine.....Honeysuckles are valued as garden plants, for their ability to cover unsightly walls and outbuildings, their profuse tubular flowers in summer, and the intense fragrance of many varieties....Jasmine flowers are white in color and smell great. Mostly grown in Asia, Australia and most of the Indian gardens have this plant...
Refreshing formula  is infused with conditioning Aloe Vera and calming Chamomile.. Spray on for a touch of scent....

My View:

The 1st one ie VS Body Mist Day Dream had disappointed me and i was not very interested / expected that this one will be good.. But to my surprise when i opened it and sprayed it , i smelt it again and again and was really charmed by the fragrance... Yes!!! this one lives to its name "Secret Charm"... This one did not disappoint me.. I am happy with this fragrance.. And the quantity is good for the price.... This particular fragrance lasts longer than the previous one i reviewed.. I personally do not know how honeysuckle plants flowers smell, but the jasmine smell in it charms a lot... It definitely draws attention. And also lasts for a decent time... Can use it daily as it is really a calming fragrance and does not irritate a hyper sensitive person like me... I wore it comfortably and it did not give me headache... It does not irritate skin and can be sprayed directly on body....I am happy with this fragrance but will search for another better fragrance in this collection as it offers a good quantity... Hope it stayed longer...:(


  1. Does not irritate sensitive skin
  2. Does not cause headache
  3. Good quantity ie 250 ml
  4. Decent fragrance of Jasmine   
  1. Hope it stayed longer
  2. Availability in stores is a problem
  3. I don`t know how honeysuckle flowers smell. No idea
  4. Offered at different prices on online shopping sites 


I give this product 3.5/5. This did not disappoint me but neither impressed me so much.. I recommend this for people with sensitive skin and who do not like strong smelling fragrances... 
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