Monday, May 19, 2014


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I have been using acne care products since long time and they have given me many side effects like dry skin, pigmentation, redness of skin, sensitivity and many... Acne prone skin needs special care, right amount of moisturizing, cleansing and pampering.. I have oily skin and acne trouble but i finally found a solution to healthy skin.. Let me review a soap which helped me lot...So here we go.........

Price: 54.50 Rs

Acnerex soap review

Acnerex soap review

Ingredients List:

  1. Allantoin 0.2%
  2. Aloevera extract 10%
  3. Titanium Dioxide 0.25%

What product claims:

Well!!! there is noting much written on the packing.. Just says "Pimple care soap with moisturizing action ".. That is what we are looking for right!!! We need a soap that does not dry out our skin and cause more oil production... Am i right?

My view:

To get rid of acne i have been using many products my doctor suggests but sometimes i don`t have options but to use them and that makes me end up with super hyper sensitive skin, dryness, peeling, redness.. Which again worsen the condition. If skin becomes dry it triggers our body system to produce oil and our skin ends up becoming more oily causing break outs... So what is the solution for such problem???? You will say moisturizers , yes but how many such products are there which really suit oily skin??

I tried moisturizers but they made my skin look like a frying pan..:( I have since long time trying to find some water based moisturizers but failed to find one! Finally i came across this soap which i must say did a wonderful job for my skin...

It provides skin with just the right amount of moisture needed to keep it balance and supple....Skin looks radiant, young, soft.. If you have a  very oily and sensitive skin and do not want to use soaps that make your skin dry, this one is for you... I must say sometimes cheaper products do magic!! Give it a try and you will never stop using this soap.


  1. Right balance of moisture for skin
  2. No harsh chemicals
  3. No side effects
  4. Very safe for all skin types
  5. Very affordable price
  6. You don`t need additional cream or moisturizer
  1. Available only with medicals stores.


I would highly recommend this soap to acne prone sensitive oily skin, even dry skin people can use this soap and get good results.

5/5 for this wonderful product.. 

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