Thursday, May 29, 2014

"Victoria`s Secret Body Mist in Day Dream Review"

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I have tried many deodorant sprays, perfumes and i was very eager to try body mists.. I had heard a lot about Victoria`s Secret Body Mists and was very very curious and excited to try them.. I was searching it on some online shopping sites and found a very good discount so thought i would buy... Let me review this for you today.. Read on to know more about.."Victoria`s Secret Pure Day Dream Body Mist"

Price: 720 INR

Victoria`s Secret Pure Day Dream Body Mist
What product claims:

Its a fragrance mist with pearl orchid and pink currant. Well i do not have much idea how a pearl orchid smells...Pink currant is a fruit, Pink Currants are intermediate between red and white types, in degree of pigmentation. Skin is colorless, flesh is pink.. 
Its a refreshing formula infused with conditioning Aloe Vera and calming Chamomile. Spary on for a touch of scent...

My View:

First when i opened and sprayed i immediately remembered a Deo spray, yes it smelt exactly like fogg (pink pack for woman)... I found nothing so special about this body mist.. Thought it is said that it is mild , the moment i sprayed it on i quiet had a headache and it irritated me a lot.. Though it settles down quickly and does not have overpowering smell, i seriously had lot of expectations but i was very disappointed by the smell... I had read very good reviews so with curiosity i purchased this only to get disappointed...Why buy this body mist if i can get the same fragrance at 180 INR in India????? I personally do not like this scent.. It depends on person to person.. The smell is fruity and i do not want to smell like a fruit...People who like fruity flavour can try this but i would still suggest that the same exactly smelling scented deo is available then why waste so much money for a average body mist???? The fogg deo spray which smells exactly like this is shown below:


  1. Mild fruity flavour
  2. Does not irritate skin if sprayed directly on skin
  3. Does not have overpowering smell
  1. Average smelling fruity flavour
  2. Lasts for nearly 2-3 hours only
  3. Not available easily in stores
  4. Smells strong immediately after spraying
  5. May cause headache for sensitive people


I was disappointed with the smell.. So it is just 2/5 for this.. I would still suggest gals not to spend so much money on this body mist.. Compare and buy...

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