Wednesday, November 27, 2013

"Biotique Bio-Morning Nectar Review"

Hi Everyone!

How are you doing??? Its winter season and one of the worst for skin and hair... My skin is oily but i still need to take care in winter.. I tried many body lotions which did not work to my expectations... Finally bought "Biotique Bio-Morning Nectar, Flawless lightening lotion"... I have been using this since 2 months.. So this is the correct time to review.. Lets see what this product has to give us...

Price: 199 INR

Fashion Diary- Biotique Bio-Morning Nectar

Fashion Diary- Biotique Bio-Morning Nectar

What product claims:

First of all this body lotion can be used for face too.. Product claims that it is a lightening lotion and replaces natural oils (now whats that!!!! :( )..Replenishes lost it brightens skin for a noticeably fairer complexion...

My view:

Biotique has always been reliable for me...
I liked this body lotion, since natural ingredients and no chemicals are used...It has a  very mild fragrance and lingers for some time.. I did not notice any fairer complexion, may be i need to continue using for longer time to see that...It moisturizes the skin and gives a nice glow...People with any skin type can use it... Dry skin people might need one more application at night...


  1. No chemicals
  2. Very nice fragrance
  3. Gives skin a natural glow
  4. Definitely moisturizes the skin
  5. Gets quickly absorbed and non sticky
  1. Availability may be an issue & supply too..
  2. Packing is not good...
  3. Does not lighten the skin as it claims

I will surely recommend this product to everyone....
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