Saturday, November 2, 2013

UDV Pour Elle Eau de Parfum review

Hi Fashion lovers,

The other day my little sister asked me to get a perfume for her.. But her conditions were, the perfume should be mild, not very strong smelling yet lingering...She is very sensitive to strong smelling perfumes and hates them because she tends to get headache...
As a elder sister i had to fulfill her wish and i went out hunting for a good perfume and happened to pick
"UDV Pour Elle Eau de Parfum" 
Since then wanted to review this perfume.. So here it is...

Price: 850 but got it on discount for 543

UDV Pour Elle Eau de Parfum

UDV Pour Elle Eau de Parfum

1. Lingering
2. Not strong smelling.
3. Skin friendly
4. Stays for a long time,a whole day

1.Very mild
2. People who like strong smells may not like this perfume

My View:

My sister loved it.. It is very mild yet long lasting... Smells good... Initially it smells floral,i got rose petal smell and later you get fruity smell.. People who are sensitive to strong perfumes will love this perfume.. It is amazingly long lasting... A must try...

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